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Calvin Park Courtyard and Green Space Rejuvenation

Community Consultation - Calvin Park Greenspace

The courtyard at our Calvin Park branch is an underused space and KFPL is looking to make it , and the greenspace immediately surrounding the branch, more inviting and engaging. 

While our intial grant applications were unsuccessful, we will continue to seek funding opportunities to cover the costs of this project. We will not be able to move forward unless we are successful in obtaining the necessary funding. 

The proposed design may include the following:

  • Nature-inspired play items
  • Additional seating
  • Sensory Panels
  • Shaded picnic area
  • Outdoor art space
  • Community garden

The results of our 2021 community survey will inform our initial design and the focus or our grant application.  

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Additional comments and questions may be directed to Kimberly Sutherland Mills, Director, Service Design and Delivery at kmills@kfpl.ca or (613) 549-8888 ext. 3520.