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Extended Hours Project

Frequently Asked Questions

How will this impact library service?

The Pittsburgh Branch will continue to offer full service, with staff on site, for at least the currently budgeted 38 hours per week.

Extended Hours will offer a different level of service, providing our community with alternative ways to use the library. Patrons would be able to borrow and return materials, pick up reservations, and access public computers and Wi-Fi. They would also be able to use library space to study and connect with others in the community.

The branch would not be accessible 24/7. Extended Hours would be available during open hours at another location, and KFPL staff would provide remote support via a dedicated video/phone link.

The Extended Hours project could increase access to the library by 22 hours a week Community feedback will help determine which days of the week and times of day would be best suited to Extended Hours, and which would most benefit from on-site staff.

Will this project result in job losses?

No. The Pittsburgh Branch will be staffed for the same number of hours, and at the same staffing level, as it is now. No jobs will be eliminated as a result of this project.

How would Extended Hours work?

Patrons will use their library card and PIN to gain access using a door keypad. They will be able to connect with staff other branches when assistance is needed.

The self-service technology currently used at the Pittsburgh Branch will enable patrons to borrow and return materials, and to access public computers and Wi-Fi.

Video surveillance, already in place in other branches, will be installed for added security.

What safety considerations have been taken into account?

Similar technology is in place in other libraries in Ontario where video surveillance, clear separation of staff and public areas and the pre-registration process have proven effective in safeguarding library property and materials.

A comprehensive security review will identify and mitigate other health and safety concerns before the program is launched. Safety measures would also be discussed with the community during our engagement process.

Who will be able to use Extended Hours?

Access would require a Kingston Frontenac Public Library card and PIN. Having patrons agree in writing to terms and conditions would increase accountability and understanding of mutual responsibilities. Some libraries that use this technology have additional requirements such as age limits.

Will this initiative expand to other library branches?

This is a pilot project intended to increase access to and use of the Pittsburgh Branch. The Extended Hours Project will be evaluated using both data and feedback from staff and patrons. Depending on the outcomes, Extended Hours may be considered as one option where there are similar needs.

How would the Extended Hours project be evaluated?

Interested parties would be surveyed at regular intervals. The Library would also track and review metrics such as visits, circulation, registration and issues/incidents.

How can I get involved in the community engagement for this project?

Updates on the process will be posted on the project’s Community Consultation page, and will be shared on our website and social media channels. Subscribe to our Engage KFPL newsletter to receive updates by email.

We will also use our other newsletters and in-branch displays to connect community members to the discussion.

Questions or additional comments can be directed to Kimberly Sutherland Mills, Director, Service Design and Delivery, at kmills@kfpl.ca or (613) 549-8888 x3520