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Central Branch Renovations

Project Committee

Project Team

The Central Branch Renovation Committee is pleased to be working with HDR Architecture Associates, Inc and Everstrong Construction Ltd. to complete the renovations to the Central Branch. 

About HDR:

HDR is a full-service, employee-owned professional design practice comprised of architects, engineers, planners, interior designers and consultants. As Canada celebrates our 150th, we are celebrating our founding over 170 years ago as the oldest continuing architectural practice in Canada, with local roots dating back to 1846, the year the City of Kingston was incorporated.   

Our diversified practice includes public and private client services, with an emphasis on Civic Facilities, Healthcare, Education, Science and Technology.

Civic spaces that foster inclusion and participation are at the heart of vibrant communities. We're committed to enhancing and strengthening communities through accessible, sustainable and inspiring public buildings. From a design standpoint, it's more about place-making as a destination—rather than simply creating a building or space. It's about bringing people together to enjoy their interests, and appreciate culture and the arts—whether it be in a small rural town or a large international city. No matter the project type, we advocate a collaborative approach to guide our design. Whether iconic or modest architecture, we listen to the concerns of a specific community to understand what they need and value, to design uplifting places promoting happiness, culture and well-being. 

About Everstrong:

Everstong Construction Ltd has been in business for over 20 years. Proudly built on a foundation of the highest quality and professionalism, Everstrong continues to grow its client base. We specialize in, and have successfully completed hundreds of, Government/Institutional, Commercial, Industrial and Residential construction projects throughout Ontario. 

Reference Documents

Meeting dates

Regular meetings of the Project Committee are no longer required. Additional meetings will take place as required (details will be added below).

Unless otherwise noted, meetings will be held in Meeting Room #1 at the Central Branch at 3:30pm.

  • September 16, 2020