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Calvin Park Courtyard and Green Space Rejuvenation

Community Garden Project

A community garden at the Calvin Park Branch is part of a bigger project to rejuvenate our courtyard and greenspace.

In our initial survey, several members of the community indicated an interest in adding a community garden to the property surrounding our Calvin Park Branch. In November 2021, a follow up survey confirmed community support for a partnership with Loving Spoonful, a Kingston-based registered charity, to use the site for their Community Harvest Kingston project. 

The City of Kingston approved the site selected for our community garden in May 2022.

Our garden will be coordinated and supported by a Loving Spoonful staff member, and will engage community members in collective gardening. The produce will be shared amongst garden volunteers and donated via Loving Spoonful's Fresh Food Access programs to provide free and/or affordable access food to community members experiencing food insecurity. During the growing season, the Calvin Park Branch will also host a Community Harvest Market on Thursdays from 3 to 5 p.m. to provide the community with access to affordable produce.

Additional comments and questions may be directed to Kimberly Sutherland Mills, Director, Service Design and Delivery at kmills@kfpl.ca or (613) 549-8888 ext. 3520.