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Calvin Park Courtyard and Green Space Rejuvenation

Community Garden Project

A community garden at the Calvin Park Branch is part of a bigger project to rejuvenate our courtyard and greenspace.

In our initial survey, several members of the community indicated an interest in adding a community garden to the property surrounding our Calvin Park Branch. 

Pending approval from the City of Kingston, the site selected for our community garden is the greenspace between Wright Crescent and the driveway that runs along the front of the library building. This area is large and receives a generous amount of sun each day. There are three styles of garden that we can consider.

  • Allotment Garden - Individuals or families are assigned a private plot to grow their own vegetables, herbs and flowers.
  • Communal Garden - Individuals work together to grow vegetables, herbs and flowers to share.
  • Community Harvest Garden - With support from Loving Spoonful urban agriculture staff, volunteers grow vegetables and herbs to supply Loving Spoonful Fresh Food Access programs and shared amongst garden volunteers.

We shared an opportunity to work with Loving Spoonful, a Kingston-based registered charity, on their Community Harvest Kingston project. Working together, our project would provide education and training about food production to interested community members, while providing affordable and/or free local, nutritious food to those who need it. Loving Spoonful provides programs to connect people with good food, and advocates for policies that support food security, poverty, social inclusion, and community health. 

As part of this initiative, our garden would be coordinated and supported by a Loving Spoonful staff member to engage community members in collective gardening. Using this garden model, the produce would be shared amongst garden volunteers and donated via Loving Spoonful's Fresh Food Access programs to provide free and/or affordable access food to community members experiencing food insecurity. The garden site could also include allotment and/or communal gardens.

Our community survey sought feedback on this proposed partnership, guidance on the garden's design, and gardeners and volunteers who wish to be actively involved. The survey closed on November 18, 2021 and a summary report is now available. 

Survey respondents supported the partnership and the development of a Community Harvest garden in combination with allotments or communal gardens. We will be working with Loving Spoonful to establish a garden oversight committee and prepare a formal application to the City of Kingston this winter.