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Library Facilities Plan

About the Project

KFPL is working with Monteith Brown Planning Consultants to develop a new Library Facilities Plan that will renew the space-related vision for the Library. The plan will ensure that quality library facilities are provided over the next 20 years that respond to the emerging needs of both the urban and rural communities. 

Community engagement during this project will include a survey and open house events, and an opportunity to share feedback on the draft plan. Community feedback from the survey and open house events will be considered alongside KFPL usage statistics, library facility condition reports, and best practices for libraries to develop the plan.

Previously, KFPL undertook a Branch Services Review in 2004, followed by a Branch Services Plan and a community consultation in 2010. These documents and other works by KFPL have resulted in:

  • the construction of Calvin Park and Sydenham branches;
  • renovations of the Central, Cloyne, Plevna, Wolfe Island, Storrington, and Hartington branches;
  • the opening of a new library branch in Rideau Heights; and
  • development of library space attached to the fire halls in Parham and Mountain Grove.

The new Library Facilities Plan will:

  • Provide an approach to guide decisions and actions that will shape and guide the branches in the future;
  • Assess the community’s needs and ways for KFPL to address them;
  • Provide a high-level assessment of the current state of existing facilities;
  • Identify existing gaps and opportunities for library space;
  • Develop short, medium and long-term capital improvement plans; and
  • Identify appropriate alternatives to providing access to resources, including automated kiosks and shared spaces with other organizations

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Questions or additional comments can be directed to Kimberly Sutherland Mills, Director, Service Design and Delivery, at FMP@kfpl.ca or (613) 549-8888 x3520.