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Central Branch to Re-open Saturday March 23rd

The Kingston Frontenac Public Library is welcoming all Kingstonians to rediscover their Central Branch on Saturday, March 23rd.  Following the completion of a large-scale renovation project, the Johnson Street branch will re-open with tours and recognition of some special donors.

“With a boost from these new renovations, we hope to make learning exciting for everyone visiting us downtown,” says Patricia Enright, Chief Librarian.  “Final preparation of the building is still underway so there is still some work to complete before we can open our doors and obtain full occupancy.  We thank our patrons for their continued support and patience.”

KFPL recently moved the Central Branch’s equipment and books back into the building – the equivalent of 30 houses worth of equipment and materials – in nine days.  KFPL staff have been working tirelessly to help ensure the success of this renovation project.

To prepare for the re-opening of the Central Branch and ensure continued fiscal responsibility, the Wellington Street Branch, which was opened during the Central Branch renovations, has now closed, as has the St Remy Place administration office and collection storage warehouse.  Downtown library patrons are encouraged to visit Artillery Park for a pop-up library, or otherwise visit one of our four other branches in the City of Kingston in the meantime.

Until the Central Branch is re-opened, certain services – such as interlibrary loans and reservations from the Central Branch collections – will be temporarily disrupted and it will take longer than usual to fulfill requests.

“We regret the delays associated with this project, which have largely been beyond our control,” adds Ms. Enright.  “We are eager for residents to rediscover their Central branch once the work is complete.”