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Updates and News

September 5, 2018

Central Branch Re-Opening Delayed

The damage caused to materials such as carpet, drywall and insulation at the Central Branch during the mid-August heavy rains has resulted in a delay to the project. . This delay is disappointing for everyone, but is necessary to make sure that wet materials are properly dried or replaced in order to prevent mould growth.  Intially thought to be a month, it is taking longer than expected to complete the remediation work. 

Work continues on other areas of the building as the flood remediation happens, with final roofing work and the last stages of brick painting completing the work on the Johnson Street building facade shortly. Exterior work will then focus on completing the new stair, ramp and covered walkway.  Inside, work is continuing with flooring, painting and hanging ceiling tiles. 

August 19, 2018

Damage from Heavy Rains

The heavy rains on Wednesday, August 15 caused flood damage in the basement of the Central Branch as well as in the upper stairwells and the second floor where rainwater entered from unfinished areas. Library and City staff are working closely with the contractor and their sub-trades to assess the damage and to determine the impact on the project. Some materials in water-damaged areas may be able to be restored and some, such as drywall, willl need to be replaced.

An update will be provided when these assessments have taken place and the impact of the damage on the library's move-in date is known.

August 8, 2018

Local History and Genealogy

The Library's local history and genealogy collections are still available, with most of the collection housed at the Isabel Turner Branch while the renovations to the Central Branch are taking place. Select resources are being stored at our temporary warehouse space and will require a couple of days notice to be transferred to another branch for use. The library catalogue lists the current locations of all items in the collection.

Once the renovations are complete, these collections will move back to the Central Branch. They're moving one floor up into a lovely light-filled space in the Bishop's House, the limestone portion of the building at the corner of Bagot and Johnson streets. The adult non-fiction, local history and genealogy, microfilm and vertical file collections are being brought together with a variety of seating options and convenient printing, copying and scanning facilities. The second floor is a quieter space, more suitable for research and study.

Visit our website for more information on the Library's local history and genealogy collections.

June 28, 2018

Central Branch to Re-Open Fall 2018

After Kingston City Council approved lease extensions for the temporary spaces at 18 St Remy Place and 209 Wellington Street, the Library invited Darryn Davis from CKWS to discuss the Central Branch renovation project and the revised schedule, which has the library re-opening in October 2018.  Watch read his piece on the CKWS website

Everyone on the project team is working hard to complete the renovations and really appreciates the support and patience of our community and patrons.

June 2, 2018

The Artistry of the Brick

The re-installation of the brick is being coordinated with the new windows and frames, and is almost complete! To ensure a seamless finish, some of the new bricks will be hand-painted to match the original bricks.

Facade of Central Branch

The artist's palette. There are several different colours of brick.

brick colours

A section of wall with old and new brick, after painting. 

after painting the brick