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Updates and News

June 28, 2018

Central Branch to Re-Open Fall 2018

After Kingston City Council approved lease extensions for the temporary spaces at 18 St Remy Place and 209 Wellington Street, the Library invited Darryn Davis from CKWS to discuss the Central Branch renovation project and the revised schedule, which has the library re-opening in October 2018.  Watch read his piece on the CKWS website

Everyone on the project team is working hard to complete the renovations and really appreciates the support and patience of our community and patrons.

June 2, 2018

The Artistry of the Brick

The re-installation of the brick is being coordinated with the new windows and frames, and is almost complete! To ensure a seamless finish, some of the new bricks will be hand-painted to match the original bricks.

Facade of Central Branch

The artist's palette. There are several different colours of brick.

brick colours

A section of wall with old and new brick, after painting. 

after painting the brick

April 26, 2018

Spring update!

With the warmer weather now here, work is moving forward quickly on the exterior of the building! New windows are being installed and brick is getting replaced and repaired on the Johnson Street side of the building.  You might notice that the new brick looks a little different than the original brick - and it is, for now! We matched the new brick as close as possible to the existing brick and will be hand-staining the new bricks to match the rest of the bricks later this Spring. 

Central Window

New windows above the parking garage.

Central Interior

Acoustic panels and light fixtures being installed in the large second floor meeting room. 

Central Interior

New light fixtures on the first floor in the adult fiction area. 

Central Exterior

New insulation and brick being installed.

March 15, 2018

Libraries in the News

Thanks to Darryn Davis at CKWS, you can get a look behind the scenes of the Central Branch renovation project. Click here to see Darryn chat with Rob Crothers, Project Manager and Laura Carter, Director, Branch Experience.  Library renovations were also featured in the Kingston Whig-Standard in February. You can read Steph Crosier's story here

For a broader look at what's happening in Kingston's libraries, read "Kingston's Libraries, Reinvented" in the March/April edition of Kingston Life magazine.

February 5, 2018

Winter Construction Update

It may not always be apparent on the exterior of the building, but lots of progress is being made behind the scenes and inside the walls of the Central Branch as the renovation work continues.  A new electrical transformer has been installed on Bagot Street and new electrical switch gear is being installed in our electrical room. The building's electricity will soon be reconnected and the temporary generator that has been powering the building will be removed.  New staff and storage spaces have been built in the basement to help us better organize, store and secure our equipment and supplies.  

Exterior brick work will start up again soon. ​​The wall under the brick has been cleaned of old insulation and is prepared for a new protective layer, new insulation and the installation of new windows on late February to early March. New bricks will be installed after the windows are in, and will be stained to match the original brick colours. 

Central facade

Inside the building, the structure for the new main staircase between the first and second floors is complete, and it will soon be ready for wood and stone finishes. 

Central stairs

central stairs

more central stairs

The stair will be a focal point on the first floor, providing access to the second floor collections and meeting rooms, and also an area to the right for sitting, reading, charging or recharging!