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February 5, 2018

Winter Construction Update

It may not always be apparent on the exterior of the building, but lots of progress is being made behind the scenes and inside the walls of the Central Branch as the renovation work continues.  A new electrical transformer has been installed on Bagot Street and new electrical switch gear is being installed in our electrical room. The building's electricity will soon be reconnected and the temporary generator that has been powering the building will be removed.  New staff and storage spaces have been built in the basement to help us better organize, store and secure our equipment and supplies.  

Exterior brick work will start up again soon. ​​The wall under the brick has been cleaned of old insulation and is prepared for a new protective layer, new insulation and the installation of new windows on late February to early March. New bricks will be installed after the windows are in, and will be stained to match the original brick colours. 

Central facade

Inside the building, the structure for the new main staircase between the first and second floors is complete, and it will soon be ready for wood and stone finishes. 

Central stairs

central stairs

more central stairs

The stair will be a focal point on the first floor, providing access to the second floor collections and meeting rooms, and also an area to the right for sitting, reading, charging or recharging!  

November 22, 2017

Central Branch Floor Plans

As the construction progresses on the Central Branch renovations, library staff are busy choosing furniture, shelving and other interior elements and equipment. Click here to download a PDF of the layout of the first and second floors, or visit our Calvin Park Branch to view the plans. Some of the labels on the areas are quite tiny, so you may need to zoom in to read them. Questions about the renovations? Please view the FAQ page or contact us!

October 20, 2017

Brick Removal and Repair

Plywood is covering some of the windows along Johnson Street this week as the contractor starts removing brick from the building in order to repair damaged bricks and to create the new main entrance to the building.



A new meeting room is being created in the space that used to be the Wilson Room foyer and a large bay window will be installed.


September 27, 2017

Construction Update

Work has been progressing on the inside of the building this summer, with interior demolition almost complete, including creating the opening for the new main staircase.   Framing and drywall is almost complete on the third floor and new electrical, plumbing and heating and air conditioning infrastructure is being installed throughout the building.

Sections of the foundation of the Parish House have been exposed for waterproofing, and exterior work will start up again next week, with removal of some of the brick for the new main entrance to the building.

August 16, 2017

Central Renovations Update

There's been more activity on the exterior of the building recently as the stairs that were under the covered ramp from the parking lot were removed and the loading dock was demolished.  Next up will be some excavation around the foundation of the Parish House on the corner of Bagot and Johnson to prepare for waterproofing.

Here are some photos of work on the interior of the building as part of the steel structure for the new main stair between the first and second floors is put in place. 


more stairs