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February 12, 2017

Hey! Who left the lights on?

If you've been by the Central Branch recently, you may have noticed that the lights are on. We didn't leave for the day and forget to turn them off, we have had to leave them on intentionally. 

Near the end of January, our last functioning boiler cracked its heat exchanger. The building works on a breaker system, so if we need power to the electrical outlets, that means the lights are on too as they are on the same breakers. The parts necessary to fix the boiler were going to be too expensive to obtain and take a long time to arrive, so temporary heaters are running throughout the building to make sure the pipes don't freeze.

Questions about the renovation? Don't hesitate to contact us at centralreno@kfpl.ca

January 19, 2017

Project Update

It may not be apparent from the street, but we have been busy getting the Central Branch ready for renovations. It took almost all of December to move the bulk of the furniture, equipment, art and collections out of the building. We started with the staff furniture and computers during the first weekend of December, and worked steadily until just before Christmas moving items to our temporary office space, to other branches and, for some specialized items such as our art collection, to appropriate storage facilities. Since then, we have been removing the last few odds and ends and listing surplus items for sale on GovDeals.

We are in the final stages of reviewing the documents that will be used to tender the project and hire a general contractor to complete the renovation. The tender should be issued by the end of January and a contractor hired by early February. Construction will begin shortly thereafter.

December 23, 2016

Genealogy and Local History Collections

Due to their popularity, we have relocated most of our local history and genealogical resources to our Isabel Turner Branch so that they are readily accessible for researchers. These collections include microfilm, city directories, fire insurance plans and the UELAC and Kingston Branch OGS collections. Some items, such as maps and materials in our Special Collections, will be housed off-site but can be accessed upon request with a few days’ notice.

December 16, 2016

Project Update

The Central Branch closed on November 26th. Thank you to everyone who shared their #KFPLstories and who joined us to dance the branch closed! We've been very busy since then. Here are a few updates on what has been happening:

Wellington Storefront

Our temporary storefront location at 209 Wellington Street is up and running! You can get the latest and greatest movies and television shows from our media box, access wireless internet or use our computers, read the Kingston Whig-Standard or Globe and Mail, borrow from the small collection of new and popular items or get your questions answered by friendly library staff.


The moving of the Central Branch collections is well underway. Many items are in boxes in transit to the warehouse or in the process of being unpacked. Reservations may take a little longer than usual to be delivered from the Central collection as we finish unpacking and setting up our warehouse space. don;t hesitate to contact us if you have questions about the status of an item.

Design and Construction Update

Our architects are busy working on the final documents needed to tender the project. We expect that the project will be tendered in January.